One More Capture

Since I had to be in Staunton mid-day on Saturday, I planned a slightly divergent route through Harrisonburg.

What’s there? A good lunch spot for me. Y’all know how much I like Hardee’s, right? Did you know that affinity is primarily because of their breakfast biscuits? With an emphasis on the biscuit.

Well, there’s another fast food joint I really, REALLY enjoy. They have even better biscuits than Hardee’s and serve breakfast 24 hours a day. PLUS, they have to-die-for fried chicken.



Sadly, there are even fewer of those around than Hardee’s, so when I see a Bojangles’ I am very happy.

Oddly, the weather was exactly the same as it was on my last two trips to Staunton.

Gray and dreary on the eastern side of the mountains.


The cloud ceiling was really low, too. Wanna know how low?

Fogged in mountain pass.


I told you it was low. But, about a mile later, it cleared. And skies to the west were blue.

Blue skies on the horizon.


Weird, right?

There was something else in downtown Harrisonburg I wanted to see, too.

Nice mosaic wall.


The wall wasn’t it, but isn’t that cute? I just wish that guy hadn’t been lurking around to mess up my shot.

Downtown Harrisonburg


The traffic light wasn’t what I was looking for either.

I was in Harrisonburg looking for LOVE.

IMG_1125 copy
Harrisonburg, Virginia LOVEworks


Not nearly as cute as some of the others I’ve seen, is it? Still, I’m glad to have checked it off of my list.

I wonder if there’s any more LOVE in my near future?

That’s a rhetorical question, not a teaser. Sadly, I don’t have any more trips planned. Yet.

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