Found LOVE

As I mentioned in a previous post, finding LOVE is proving more difficult than I’d anticipated.

Who knew LOVEworks could be moved!?! Not me.

Who suspected they could be damaged and removed for repair!?! Not me.

Now I know, of course.

This is the one other LOVEwork I saw on my recent ramble.

LOVEwork in downtown Bristol, Virginia
LOVEwork in downtown Bristol, Virginia

At least that one is more creative than the plain ole white LOVE at the welcome center, as shown in that previous post mentioned earlier.

I haven’t really given up. Yet. I may be seeing some more LOVE soon. Fingers crossed.

7 Replies to “Found LOVE”

  1. It’s a real bummer when something specific you’ve set off to see isn’t there. If you’re task focused the let down can be dramatic.. The upside though is if you’ve ridden there… the time wasn’t wasted.

    I’m glad you found some more LOVE.

    1. Yep, time not wasted. But it might have been better spent. Although, if I’d skipped Gate City, I may not have hit Kingsport and my favorite Muffler Man.

      There may be more LOVE in my near future.

  2. Did you find LOVE where you least expected it? I wouldn’t have thought about the sculptures being moved or needing repair until you started mentioning it.

    And with no web cams pointing on them there is no way to know ahead of time.

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