Quantity or Quality? (BBBC-2017-04)

This is post #4 in my second annual Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge. Simply put, that’s a way for me and fellow bloggers to get through February more quickly.

I call this a putt-putt road. It’s more about scenery than speed or distance.

This year, there are eight other bloggers participating (see list on right). Check out their blogs, it’s an entertaining group.

Today’s prompt is “annual mileage goal.” It’ll be interesting to see how people react to that one. It would seem as if I’m asking people to share their mileage target so I can compare it to mine. But I don’t usually set goals or targets. I did at the end of last year because I just wanted to see 20,000 on my odometer, to feel like I’d done at least some riding in a year where I felt as if I hadn’t been out enough.

I’m really more about the riding experience, not seeing how many miles I can cover. I’m much happier puttering along on scenic back roads, enjoying the landscape, than about covering long distances. I do like speed, however, but will choose a more curvaceous, less-crowded road any day over a slab.

The only thing odometer miles do for me is remind me thatve I’ve spent time doing something I love. The higher the number, the more time I’ve spent in the saddle.

Hubby loves covering long distances in short amounts of time. I love wandering. Usually we can balance the two, but sometimes I like to go my thing and he likes to do his.

I’m glad we understand that about each other. 🐸

That's a Twisty
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7 Replies to “Quantity or Quality? (BBBC-2017-04)”

  1. Quality over quantity, always…

    A quality ride can be 5 miles long or 500 miles long, but a high-mile ride isn’t always memorable, and we seem to have little to no control… Usually the most we can do is try to be receptive to the experiences and lessons that a ride might offer. And as we all know, putting ourselves into that receptive state of mind, removing ourselves from our daily concerns, can often be the most challenging part—we expect that to be the effect of a good ride, but if we aren’t successful at putting our minds there first, we might completely miss the ride’s effect.

    (A first world problem? 😉 )

  2. On my trip, I averaged about 150 miles per day. A lot of people commented that it wasn’t very much but to me it was all about “shiny”…when on the road and saw a sign for historical moument or a roadside attractions, I would detoured off the road. To me it all about the journey not the destination.

  3. Quality over quantity, absolutely! I really don’t get the iron butt mentality, ride like hell, over slab and superhighway, just to say you did. Nope, that is not going to happen over here.

    I did give an estimate, hitting 90k this year, in my post, but that is just an estimate based on how much we want to travel this year. 🙂 There are SO many roads we can’t wait to experience in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico…who knows if we will even get to those four states. Fingers crossed!

    1. I’ll never earn an Iron Butt badge, that’s for sure. But some folks like that sort of stuff. I married one. LOL.

      I know y’all don’t try to rack up miles, you’re just fortunate enough to be retired and have the time. 😉

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