Just Another Day

Most days here at the ToadMama abode are pretty uneventful. Notice I said “most” days? Yesterday was no different.

Actually, there was some excitement yesterday. Eric came over for dinner. That’s my youngest child. One of the things we talked about was whether I had anything exciting planned for his 21st birthday. Yep, my baby will be 21.


More on the visit and what I cooked later. But first, some doggie pics. I couldn’t resist snapping this shot of the dogs yesterday morning.

All three dogs asleep while I work. Notice the biggest dog in the smallest (cat) bed again?

I’m not sure why Meg likes the cat bed so much, but she does. She likes to lay in some of the strangest positions in it, too. (Remember my infamous Meg’s Dilemma slide-show?)

Check out yesterday’s position…

Meg under the pillow.

She’s one of those dogs that likes to fluff (i.e., scratch loudly at forever) her bedding. Whether it’s her dog bed, a pile of sheets waiting to be washed, a pile of bras, a scatter rug (our rugs in WV are always a mess) or the carpet, she’s a scratcher. She stayed like that for a long time, too.

Once she got up, I moved all of the dog beds out into the hallway so I could vacuum. And this is what happened MINUTES later.

Princess Belle

Yep, she’s laying on all three dog beds.

Now back to Eric’s visit. I don’t have any pictures of him to share. Sorry. I’ll have to work on that, too. I’m way better at taking pictures of inanimate stuff and nature than of people. In case you hadn’t noticed.

Anyway… for dinner last night, I made Garlic Lime Chicken Fajitas. Hubby and I have been in search of the perfect fajita recipe for the longest time. We’ve eaten fajitas in a lot of different places, but our favorites by far have always come from Plaza Garibaldi right here in Glen Burnie / Pasadena, Maryland.

Last night’s attempt? They were “good, but still not Garibaldi’s” fajitas. Hubby said they tasted too limey. Eric and I both liked them. Hubby said I should have served them with insalata (he actually said that). That’s lettuce, which I did not have.

The point of this whole story is not to tell you about my good-but-not-Garibaldi fajitas, but about the recipe I used. It was one of McCormick’s new Recipe Inspirations, which I just had to buy because the packaging is way cool (unlike me, as evidenced by the fact that I still use terms like “way cool”).

McCormick's Recipe Inspirations come in way cool packages.

If you follow the Recipe Inspirations link you’ll see they have six different flavors. I bought the Quesadilla Casserole one, too, but we haven’t tried it yet.

Not only is the packaging fun, but there’s an index card-sized recipe card on the back that lists all of the ingredients as well as the preparation instructions so you can easily replicate the recipe without having to buy this pre-measured spice pack again. Although, for folks that don’t keep stuff like cumin on hand (we always have cumin on hand), this pre-measured pack is the way to go.

So… that was our excitement yesterday. I hope your day was just as much or maybe even more fun!

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  1. I saw these recently at the store and thought they looked cool. I guess I’ll have to go out and but one now too to test it out!

  2. LOL…I get excited about things like that too…:) We have fajitas A LOT….I usually just use a fajita herb mix for the meat. Hey, When are we supposed to get together?

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