An Impromptu Fuzzy Road Trip

Every now and then opportunities come along that you just can’t pass up.

I’ve been friends with Rachael (aka Fuzzy) for quite a few years. We met through her blog, – A Girlie Motorcycle Blog, and have been following each other ever since.

We have a lot in common. First and foremost, we’re girls who love to ride motorcycles. We’re also Moms, wives, photographers, fans of roadside oddities, etc. Getting to know Rachael on-line over the years, I always felt like we were kindred spirits.

Saying she’s famous would probably embarrass Rachel, so I’ll just call her well-known throughout the moto-blogging community. She’s got quite a following. So I was always afraid she’d think I was some weirdo Internet follower/stalker. LOL.

We’d tried meeting in person several times over the years, but for various reasons those plans had been thwarted. So, when I got an e-mail from Rachael saying her and her husband, Kenny, who I also felt like I sort of “knew” through her blog, were going to be in Romney, the town near our WV Place, I knew I had to jump at the chance.

I didn’t want to jump too quickly, though. Dare I hope that it would really happen? I had an unpredictable work project that could have made it difficult. And the weather this past week was horrendous, what with the monsoon rains we experienced. So I tried not to get too excited. I figured if I made definite plans, Fate may intervene. It always seems like the more I look forward to something, the better the chance that it won’t come to pass. Know what I mean?

That’s why few folks aside from Rachel, Kenny, Mike, and me knew of my plans.

As luck would have it, Fate was on our side this time. My work project was completed as scheduled, which meant I was able to take Friday afternoon off and head out to West Virginia. I was REALLY looking forward to it.

Great Day for a Ride
Great Day for a Ride

Friday was a fabulous day for a ride. The ideal scenario was for me to get to WV in time for dinner with Rachael and her crew. Then ride with them on Saturday.

Here are some sights from my Friday ride.

Colorful restaurant in Linden, VA – The Apple House

The Apple House, in nearby Linden, Virginia, is supposed to have good food — especially doughnuts. I stopped there to grab lunch, and dessert, but it was pretty busy and I didn’t feel like waiting. I’ll get back there one day. If for no other reason than to buy one of their t-shirts.

Gotta love this one, right?

Since I had some spare time, I decided I should stop at Dinosaur Land, a nearby-ish roadside attraction I’d never seen. In fact, I hadn’t even KNOWN about the place before one of Rachael’s road trips through the area.

Dinosaur Land


Fun Selfie


Way-cool Entrance to Dinosaur Land

There are various ways to get to the WV Place from our home in Virginia. But I was hoping that the Redbuds were still in bloom along US-50, west of Capon Bridge. I wasn’t disappointed.

Redbud Row on US-50

I made it to the WV Place pretty much without incident.  And I was happy to see the WV Place still standing. The inside is still a mess, but there’s no sign of mold anywhere — yay!!! — there’s still a decent amount of propane in the tanks, and there was some hard apple cider in the fridge.

The WV Place

I putzed around there a bit, then headed into town after connecting with Rachael.

View toward Romney from just inside our community.

I was so happy to finally meet Rachel and Kenny, that I didn’t think to take pictures. Can you believe it!?! The three of us did have dinner together. And we made plans to meet up the next morning. I was anxious to get back to the WV Place before dark. Two miles of gravel road, lined by cliffs in some spots, through woods heavily populated with deer, is not a place I want to be after dark with no streetlights and weak motorcycle headlights.

Rachel and Kenny trusted me enough to lead them on a ride. How about that? The challenge was to plan a route with good roads and some fun/quirky stuff I knew Rachael HAD to see. It took some thinking, but I think I came up with a pretty good ride.

Rachel, Kenny, and Mark

We planned to meet at the entrance to my community. When they arrived, I was tickled to see they’d brought a friend along. Mark, from Boston. I never got his last name. Sorry, Mark!

Our first stop was the Oldtown Low Water Bridge, one of the few remaining privately owned toll bridges in the country. It’s such an odd, quirky little bridge, I knew they’d love it.

Oldtown is actually in Maryland. I forgot to mention that to my riding buddies yesterday.

Oldtown Low Water Bridge


Toll Booth


Me and Rachael

From there, we doubled back about 15 miles so we could hit one of Mike’s favorite roads, CR-3, also known as Springfield Pike, Slanesville Pike, AND Springfield-Millesons Mill Road. Route finding in West Virginia is a challenge. We did a quick detour on WV-29 so Rachael could capture a shot of this Mail Pouch barn to add to her collection. I’d forgotten to tell her it was coming up, so she was tickled.

Rachael taking a picture of the barn. The very vocal cows were a bonus for me.

From there we headed back to what looks on the map like a continuation of the road we’d been on, but is actually a different road with multiple names, of course, depending on what map you use and/or where you enter the road. It’s know as Cold Stream Road, CR- 45/20, Springfield Grade Road, AND CR-15. Really.

After stopping for gas, we continued southward on CR-14/Cacapon River Road (also Capon River Road) toward Wardensville. We stopped for lunch at the Star Mercantile (see my previous post if you want to read more about the restaurant).

Rachel and Me

After lunch, I took them on Old US-55, not an easy road to follows as it wends its way around New 55, which is a great motorcycle road, even if there are almost always bits of gravel to dodge. Oddly, New 55 is now 48/55, but all of the signs pointing to the highway say “to 55”, which is what makes the old road so hard to follow.

Once we reached the end, we turned around and jumped onto New 55 so we could stop at a scenic overlook.

View from the Overlook

Then we headed to North River Road to visit my favorite herd of Oreo cows.

Oreo Cows of North River Road

The locals sure got a chuckle out of seeing four motorcycles parked along this country road while four riders look at this herd of cows. They had to be thinking, “What? You’ve never seen cows before?” They probably just take their Oreo cows for granted.

Kenny and Rachel, communing with the cows.

Then it was off to Grassy Lick Road. I’d told Rachel about that road repeatedly. Of course, I’ve mentioned it in my blog before, too. She’d tried, unsuccessfully, to find it on Friday.

So, when we finally did get to the south end of the road, there was a guy in a pick-up in front of us toting his large pig in a trailer. What an odd sight.

I’m sure my followers were wondering why, shortly after the pig guy turned off, I led them off of Grassy Lick Road. Until Rachel saw this little barn, which I’d also forgot to mention we’d be stopping to see.

License Tag Barn
License Tag Barn




My BMW F650GS, Rachel and Kenny’s Triumph Tiger 1050s, and Mark’s Yamaha Super Tenere.

FINALLY, it was the time to run Grassy Lick. It’s smooth, fast, full of alternating twisties, and a couple of nice sweepers.

They loved it, just as much as we do. Which is good, considering all of my hype. LOL.

My favorite pic from the day was captured by Kenny (I think). Or Mark. Unbeknownst to me, he’d captured me following Rachel across my favorite bridge. How cool is that? Thanks to whoever shot this one. 🙂

bridge crossing
Rachel and me crossing my favorite bridge.

Rachel and Kenny are just as awesome in person as I thought they’d be. Mark was a great riding companion, too.

Hopefully, we’ll get to ride together again one day. Maybe next time, we’ll be able to plan far enough ahead so Mike can join us.

He did get to meet them briefly, but that’s another story…

Thanks again, Fuzzmops, for the excellent riding day.

19 Replies to “An Impromptu Fuzzy Road Trip”

  1. Wish I was there to tag-a-long! It was a beautiful day for riding! Glad you got to see Dinosaur Land!

    1. Dottie, once the house is presentable again, you and I can go out there for a day or two of riding. Hampshire County is home to some great motorcycle roads!

  2. What a nice write-up, with lots of info and great pix.

    I was thrilled when I heard you and Fuzzy were finally going to meet in person. Having separately met both of you in person, I know you’re both as wonderful as you seem online and would certainly hit it off.

    Your description of scenic roads, quirky landmarks and riding comraderie make me want to hit the road. Great post.

    1. It was a fun ride. I still plan on heading north one of these days so we can all ride together. You were there in spirit for sure. You’d love the WV roads.

  3. Kathy:

    Of course I’m envious that you managed to meet the Famous Rachael. I missed my chance. I got a message from her (Fuzzy) as we were in CT last year and heading north from Boston (area) but it was a weekday and she had to be at work. The plan was not to return this way but I was hoping that one day I could also meet her (and Kenny).

    We don’t have a lot of cows around here as this is not cattle country and the only farms we have are of the vegetable variety. You sure know the good roads, and I also liked your favourite bridge. (but where are the guard rails?)

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. No guard rails adds to the excitement. One mis-step on the wooden deck and you’re in the North Branch of the Potomac.

      It’s a shame when work interferes, but it’s hard to avoid.maybe they’ll get out to BC one day. The ride to Banff would be amazing.

  4. So cool. I always enjoy reading of blogger meet ups, especially when they can ride together too!!

    I bet they enjoyed the tour as much as you enjoyed showing them some local roads.

  5. Kathy – This was an awesome write up <3

    I'm so glad that we finally got to meet and ride together. I wasn't kidding when I said that if we lived closer together i'd be bugging you all the time to go riding! You're a great rider, a great navigator and you have an affinity for kooky things – you're perfect! 😀 Even Kenny said you're like a kindred spirit.

    I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your weekend to make this meet-up happen and for taking such good care of us. You rock and then some.


    1. Aw, thanks, Fuzzy. I really had fun. Sorry I couldn’t hang out afterward. I had to race the rain home since I left my rain gear behind. We will meet again.

  6. Kathy: Sounds like you had a great time with Rachel! As a fellow back road lover, I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and writeup. Now I have more places to go… Gotta visit Dinosaur-Land (though we have something similar here in Kentucky by Mammoth Cave).

    I have been following Fuzzy’s travels for a couple of years. Time to follow you too!!

    Enjoy the Ride!!

    1. Sumoflam, thanks for visiting. And for the kind words. I’ll have to check out your site. My blog isn’t as ride-focused as Fuzzy’s, but I do try to share my road trip adventures when I can. My Hubby and I rod down through WV and into KY a few years back. It was lovely. Back roads are the best. You can’t discover the real America by interstate.

  7. Enjoyed the pictures and the story. I haven’t been through WV in 35 years and it looks as wonderful as I remember it. I always enjoy hearing about other moto-blogger meet ups. So far there haven’t been any that aren’t as nice in person as they are in their posts.

    1. Thanks, Richard! I’ve only met two moto-blog friends in person so far. Three if you count Fuzzy’s Kenny. They’re all great people, so I’m batting a thousand. 🙂

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