Quickie Re-cap

It’s been a busy, but fabulous, week. As I mentioned in my last post, we visited Brussels on Saturday. Sunday, we went to Bruges. Monday through Wednesday, we were in the UK. Today — Thursday — we are back in Belgium. But shortly, we are piling into a car with Annelies and Yves and driving down toward Switzerland. On Friday, we will arrive at our mutual friends’ house — Tammi and Martin. By then, another mutual friend, Heather, will have arrived at Tammi and Martin’s with her husband, Timo. Essentially, we’ll be having a big, grown-up slumber party.

I’ll share a few pics here while we wait for Yves to get home from work. If I run out of time, I’ll finish when I can.

In Bruges

Bruges 062
The largest square in Bruges.


Bruges 082
If you saw the movie, In Bruges, this is the Belfort tower the guys climbed.


Bruges 092
Buildings with the typical stepped facade across the square from the Belfort.


Bruges 128
Just a tiny sampling of some of the amazing architecture we’ve seen.


The United Kingdom

On Monday, Hubby and I left Annelies and Yves to their work and drove to Calais, France, which is where we caught a ferry to Dover, England. From there, we headed to Canterbury Cathedral. Wow, wow, wow. Then we were off to Oxford where I’d hoped, unfruitfully, to catch Annie Sloan at her shop. Our stop for the night was Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds.

Obviously, I have many more details and pics to share. One day.

GB 007
View from the starboard side of the ferry, looking north(ish).


GB 038
The cliffs at Dover really are very big and very white.


GB 056
Christ Church Gate


GB 059
Canterbury Cathedral


GB 132
One of many stunning architectural details inside the ginormous cathedral.


GB 177
ToadMama in front of THE Annie Sloan’s shop.


BotW 009
I took this pic the next morning. Our beer glasses were still on the table.


BotW 047
A river runs through the middle of the downtown.


To be continued. Sorry! I ran out of time. 🙂

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    1. Richard, Belgium is a lovely country. I’ve only been to a few of its cities, but have visited several regions. If you’re curious, check out my Travels tab for our previous trip to Europe. The Ardennes in the east, where the Battle of the Bulge was fought, is also lovely. And the American cemeteries are quite interesting, too.

    1. Shan, I’m sure you will. Annelies and Yves would love to share Belgium with you. And soon you’ll have family living in Spain. If not all of Europe, you’ll at least get to see some of it’s high points.

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