Inside the Château de Gruyères

1_Gruyere 219As promised in my last post, I just HAD to share some pics captured inside of Gruyeres Castle. It was really cool. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I mean, I thought it would just be sorta small and dark and, I don’t know, maybe even dreary.

Remember, I did zero research in advance. We were winging it, and only even went to Gruyeres in the first place because Tammi said it might be fun.

Actually, I only agreed to go in with Hubby because I knew he wouldn’t go in alone, while we all waited for him outside. AND I know how much he loves old stuff. Our traveling companions know that, too, which is why they didn’t mind waiting for us. Or so they said…

Anyway… I’m so glad we went inside. It was amazing.

Here are a few of my favorite captures from the chateau.

The Inner Courtyard
The Inner Courtyard


Big-ass Fireplace
Big-ass Fireplace

You can’t really tell the immense size of that fireplace just by looking at the picture. You’ll have to trust me. We walked THROUGH the fireplace to get into that room, and I didn’t even have to duck. I’m a tall girl, too. Look closely and you’ll see the doorway inside the fireplace on the far right, which led to the kitchen.

Gruyere 132
Look at those painted walls.


Gruyere 133
Cherubs and painted walls.


Gruyere 138
Beautifully crafted furniture.


Gruyere 143
Real French country. Amazing, right?


Gruyere 146
Simple elegance.

I love stained glass anyway. This hexagon-leaded windows and small designs appeal to the minimalist in me.

Gruyere 148
Gorgeous carved chair.


Gruyere 161
Beautiful wood-clad ceiling.


Gruyere 166
Not a bad view.


Gruyere 181
Now these paintings, reminiscent of Audubon, I could really live with.


Gruyere 186
There were some very unique pieces in there. I LOVE this one.

The next images are from what I think was called the Knight’s Room. It was my favorite. Look at those rich colors!

Gruyere 200
Knights’ Room at Château de Gruyères


Gruyere 201
Knights’ Room at Château de Gruyères


Gruyere 204
Knights’ Room at Château de Gruyères


Gruyere 206
Knights’ Room at Château de Gruyères
Gruyere 195
More amazing stained glass.


Gruyere 168
The French Garden

The views were stunning. Picture-perfect weather helped, of course.

Gruyere 171
Nice view from the Château de Gruyères.

I wish we could have lingered longer.

If you’d like to see all of my Gruyere pics, you’ll have to visit my Gruyeres Flickr album.

Next up… saying farewell to our Swiss friends.

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  1. Holy Wow! That painted up knights’ room is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing the pics… The Gruyeres area looks like a magical place.

    1. Ryan, I thought so, too. I think I actually gasped out loud when I walked into that room!

      That part of Switzerland is stunning. Tammi assures me it can be quite dreary in winter, but I think it would be worth it to have scenery like that.

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