Slick’s Hillside of Concrete Statues

Y’all know I don’t usually subject my Hubby to really weird stuff that I know he won’t appreciate or enjoy, right? But sometimes, I can’t help myself. Especially when there’s something that is just SO up my amusement alley, in a location we’re not likely to re-visit anytime soon. Which is why, after leaving Mount Airy, North Carolina on our recent trip, I included a stop at Slick’s Pottery in the neighboring town of Slate Mountain. I may or may not have planned the route specifically because it passed through that particular locale. 🙂

After reading the entry on, how could I NOT stop there? It says…

Along a rural road, an unexpected army of concrete warriors, animals, and Jesi crowd a hillside below a concrete statue factory. The selection no doubt varies continually, but on the day that we stopped by we saw what Americans apparently crave for their lawns and gardens: a dragon, lion, eagle, Indian chiefs, enraptured worshippers, armless Venuses, a pink elephant, an Amish buggy, and a cow up on a pole painted as a tribute to New York City. And there were many more statues arrayed in ordered battalions back from the road, up to the factory. It’s all about the latest ironic juxtaposition waiting to be photographed.

How could I pass THAT up? I would’ve been kicking myself indefinitely if we hadn’t stopped, always wondering what amazing wonders we could have seen.

And, in the end, we only spent five minutes there.

Yes, I can work fast when required.

I think he even enjoyed the visit. A little, anyway.
It really was a small hillside full of statues.

The business was closed while we were there (a Sunday morning). 🙁

ToadMama with Hippo and Chicken

Of course, when I saw the above picture of me was missing an important third component, I requested a re-do.

ToadMama with Hippo, Chicken, and Sasquatch
Yankee Cow
Artsy Shot
There was quite an assortment.
Obligatory Bike Shot
ToadMama with Soldier (and mooning photobomber on left)
I found one for my yard!
This is actually the mooning photobomber.

I read somewhere that the four-foot-tall Sasquatch is one of their biggest sellers.

Hubby spotted the giant green rooftop ape.
Another concrete hippo. And a camel.
Pink Elephant on Platform

Wasn’t that a fun stop? If only Slick’s place wasn’t so far from home.

10 Replies to “Slick’s Hillside of Concrete Statues”

    1. Brandy, I know. Places like that really amaze me. They usually have some pretty weird stuff, even when everything is on a smaller scale. I’m sure you’ve seen a few pics of concrete statuary here over the years.

    1. More than one, Fuzz! 🙂

      Those may have been the first really large concrete hippos I have ever seen. There’s a smaller version that sits beside a driveway on a nearby backroad, which makes me smile every single time I ride past.

  1. Lol, jackpot! My hub would have liked that (a little) too.

    Saturday night we stayed in Grandma’s RV park, which was immediately adjacent to the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Awesome Flea Market”, which included a concrete statue vendor offering a concrete totem pole, a first for me. 😀

    Shepherdsville, KY, on case you ever get in the area. Lol

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